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Sylvin changes its name to Alphagary

Alphagary, an Orbia business

Alphagary is an Orbia business and part of Orbia's Polymer Solutions business group.  Over the decades, our group has grown steadily and today we work as a global team to bring solutions to our customers by formulating durable and functional materials including compounds and additives for compounds as well as food preservation materials.  Alpha Chemical & Plastics, Gary Corporation, Evode Plastics, AW Compounders, Mexichem Compounds, Bayshore Polymers, Vinyl Compounds, Sylvin Technologies, Shakun Polymers and our latest acquisition, Neotrimental, together form the Alphagary group. 

Our Material Portfolio

As material scientists, we formulate and manufacture an extensive portfolio of materials tailored for diverse market sectors.  Our customers create value-added and functional products that are used in our every-day lives.     

Compound formulations from a variety of polymers including PVC, PO, TPE, TPU, EVA, and CPE.  Off-the shelf options and custom formulations available.  

General purpose, specialty, and phthalate-free plasticizers for PVC compounds

Calcium-based stabilizers for PVC compounds:  off-the-shelf options as well as bespoke one-pack grades ​

PVC, PE, and EVA-based colorants matched to Munsell standards or custom color-matched.  Micro-bead grades.

Serving diverse market sectors

Over the years, we have targeted material development toward specific market sectors because each is unique, requiring individual performance criteria.  After decades of innovation, our portfolio is extensive and growing.  Annually, we sell more than 2,500 different formulations, many are custom-designed to fit sector and customer specifications. ​

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Acting for our future

Alphagary is committed to sustainable development. This mindset includes actions at our facilities, with our products, and for our people. Like you, we are mindful of our impact on local communities as well as the environment and the future we are leaving for our children. 

Bringing our customers the next generation ... now.

Our job is to listen.  Once we understand your criteria, we choose a candidate from our proven material portfolio or we'll create a material that addresses your pain-points.  Innovating durable and function solutions that meet today's and tomorrow's requirements is what we do best!  


Read about our newest innovations 

Sustainable Materials


We can help with your carbon reduction targets.


Read about off-the-shelf formulations and our ability to custom-formulate "ECO" options of the compound you already purchase.

Cable Compounds with Increased Flexibility


Today's data connectivity demands solutions that will pass global fire testing standards, be easy to install, and allow a cable to transmit large amounts of data. 

Materials for Electric Vehicle Charging Cables


Halogenated and non-halogen solutions that meet several global safety standards.  Able to withstand severe outdoor weather and still maintain the flexibility that's so critical for ease of use.

We're Growing!

In May 2023, we acquired Mexico- based food additives business Neotrimental S.A. de CV (formerly known as Andercol Mexico S.A. de CV).

Read about our materials for food preservation.

Sustainable Materials


We can help with your carbon reduction targets.


Read about off-the-shelf formulations and our ability to custom-formulate "ECO" options of the compound you already purchase.

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