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Alphagary is committed to sustainable development

This mindset includes actions at our facilities, with our products, and for our people. Like you, we are mindful of our impact on local communities as well as the environment and the future we are leaving for our children. As part of the Orbia community of companies, sustainability is an integral part of our commitment to advance life around the world.

With our products

Polymer compound pellets

Reducing carbon footprint is more than an aspiration​

We believe in formulation integrity.  When we formulate products with sustainable ingredients, we are mindful of the various testing requirements that govern product safety and integrity.  ​

We work with our customers to align with their goals, making sure we provide products that are formulated and manufactured in a way that supports integrity and repeatability while delivering more sustainable solutions.  

Our solutions enable our customers to achieve their sustainability targets​:   ​

  • Using less energy and water​

  • Investing in renewable energy / efficiency​

  • Measuring impact via science-based target initiatives​

  • Achieving carbon neutrality​

  • Formulating with integrity:  marrying performance with sustainability​

  • Building partnerships across the value chain​

PVC compounds

TPE compounds



vinyl compounds with FDA-sanctioned ingredients and bio-based plasticizer

SYLVIN 32 series

vinyl compounds for general purpose applications with bio-based ingredients​


vinyl compounds that incorporate Post-Consumer Recycled content


TPE compound series with bio-based and/or recycled content. ​


LSHF (low smoke, halogen-free) compounds formulated with recycled / bio-based ingredients ​

Choose a compound from our portfolio, or ask us to modify the compound you currently use.

You've invested time and money to approve the compounds that you currently use.  And you know they work!  We will simply start with the existing formulation and create an "ECO" version by substituting ingredients that will reduce the carbon footprint.  Starting from a proven baseline, we can measure the impact of the changes while we maintain focus on performance criteria.  

At our facilities

Actions at our facilities include investments we make to adopt green energy, upgrade equipment, recover heat, and reduce emissions.  

Circularity Programs

Alphagary actively participates in ongoing circularity programs.   Our activities are driven by our customers’ appetite for sustainable products and the sustainability goals they are pursuing.​

Rigid PVC profiles

Recycling rigid PVC

Collecting post-industrial off-cuts, reprocessing and repurposing

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Food Preservation

Transforming a manufacturing by-product into non-toxic food additives 

PVC compound pellets


Working with sister-company Vestolit to use post consumer recycled content

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