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About Us

The next generation of materials...Now!

Alphagary is an Orbia business and part of Orbia's Polymer Solutions business group.  Over the decades, we have grown steadily, and today we work as a global team to bring solutions to our customers by formulating durable and functional materials including polymer compounds, additives for polymers, and additives for food preservation. 


Alpha Chemical & Plastics, Gary Corporation, Evode Plastics, AW Compounders, Mexichem Compounds, Bayshore Polymers, Vinyl Compounds, Sylvin Technologies, Shakun Polymers and our latest acquisition, Neotrimental, together form the Alphagary group.




Our Purpose

Advance Life Around the World

We are bound together in our drive to deliver essentials that positively change the way people experience life, work, and the world.  We are our best customers.  Our children and theirs are our best customers too.  We exist for reasons that go far beyond profit, and we all deserve to enjoy life on a livable, lovable planet.

We are rebranding

Our legal names:


C.I. Mexichem Compuestos Colombia S.A.S.


Syncomp Materials India Pvt. Ltd. 


  • Mexichem Compuestos S.A. de C.V.

  • Neotrimental S.A. de C.V.


Mexichem Specialty  Compounds, Ltd.


  • Sylvin Technologies, Inc. (Denver, PA)

  • Mexichem Specialty Compounds, Inc.

Our commercial identity:

Alphagary logo

You will notice that the logo on our documents and packaging is being updated to reflect the Alphagary identity as an Orbia business and part of Orbia’s Polymer Solutions business group.  


As our valued customers and supply partners, there is nothing you need to do.  Our legal names remain the same.  You will continue to remit and receive payments as you have in the past from our legal entities (see list on left).  To clarify the connection between the entities and help address any confusion, we are including a clarification statement on documents that states that our legal entity is a legal entity of Alphagary, an Orbia business. 

Recently, you may have noticed that our email signatures have been updated.  As part of transitioning to the Orbia identity, we at Alphagary have been working together with the other Orbia businesses to integrate our systems, workflows and processes for seamless operations and an excellent stakeholder experience.  We have recently migrated to an email account in reflection of our identity as an Orbia Polymer Solutions business.  Please note that all communications will be auto-forwarded and all previous emails have been securely ported over.  


As a proud member of the Orbia community of businesses, we will continue to work hard to earn your confidence by providing purpose-built, value-added solutions that positively impact your business today and in the future. 


Should you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact a member of our team or send an email to  Thank you for your continued partnership and support as we move forward together.  

Our Story

Alphagary, an Orbia business, is pioneering innovation solutions to advance life around the world. Orbia’s Polymer Solutions business Alphagary is a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialty polymer compounds and additives for polyvinyl chloride compounds including stabilizers, plasticizers and colorants.

Alphagary manufactures specialty compounds, formulated from a variety of polymers, that are purpose-designed for a wide range of applications.   Alphagary also formulates stabilizers, plasticizers and colorants designed for use in vinyl compounds.

Our strength starts with our talented team who work together across the globe to bring solutions to our customers.  We’ve earned lasting relationships with customers because we are agile and approachable and enjoy working together to answer new and evolving performance criteria.  We welcome the opportunity to work with new customers as we stretch and expand our innovation capabilities, often tailoring a compound to the performance requirements needed.   And we depend on our supply partners who provide the solid foundation to support our innovative initiatives as well as ongoing raw material requirements. 

Over the years, our portfolio has expanded tremendously through innovation and through acquisition.  We work with PVC, TPE, Olefin, PU, and various other base polymers to create durable and functional materials.   Customers benefit from our diverse and proven off-the-shelf compounds as well as our ability to custom formulate.  Our adaptability provides value and quickly resolves pain-points that allows our customers to move forward with their own innovation strategies. 

Many of our materials have been formulated to meet market-specific application criteria.  Often, we are called upon to provide information to assist third-party approval processes.  Our experienced team is able to answer regulatory questions, provide internal and external testing certifications and data that help determine the compound’s ability to meet stringent performance criteria. 


Alphagary is dedicated to the safety of our employees.  Our goal is that all employees go home in the same condition that they came to work.  Each month, we highlight a life-saving rule that is meant to remind us of serious hazards.  Additionally, employees undergo site-specific and job-specific safety training.  Training guidelines are documented in site certifications to ensure consistency and repeatability.  Certifications such as ISO 9001 govern our quality practices to ensure material performance repeatability and consistency that our customers depend upon. 

We encourage you to contact us!  Put our team to work on your project and experience first-hand the value we bring today and in preparation for the future. 

Shakun Polymers is part of Alphagary, an Orbia business

In June 2021, Alphagary entered into an agreement with Shakun Polymers to acquire majority share ownership.  As a direct complement to Alphagary’s specialty product offerings that support a connected world, Shakun’s product development focus is on halogen-free, flame-retardant compounds and PVC-based compounds for data and power cables. In addition, Shakun’s semi-conductive and cross-linkable compounds expand Alphagary’s portfolio, offer a growth platform and meet customer requirements.  

Sylvin Technologies is part of Alphagary, an Orbia business

In 2018, Sylvin Technologies became part of Alphagary. Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Sylvin has evolved as a leading supplier of PVC compounds available in custom and standard formulations for a variety of market applications. 

Neotrimental (formerly Andercol) is part of Alphagary, an Orbia business

We are pleased to announce that effective 11 May 2023, we have acquired the Neotrimental business, formerly known as Andercol Mexico S.A. de C.V.  The acquisition of Neotrimental will enable us to expand into the fumaric acid food additive space that enables safe and stable preservation of foods to mitigate the issue of food waste.  

Manufacturing Sites

Truck driving on the road

Our service strategy is simple

We operate where our customers operate

General Email





Zona Industrial
Mamonal km 8.
Cartagena, Colombia
Tel: +57 5 672 3150

Oficina principal
Autopista Sur # 71 – 75
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: +57 (1) 782 5060

Legal name:  C.I. Mexichem Compuestos Colombia S.A.S.


Syncomp Materials India Pvt Ltd 172-173, Halol Maswad Industrial Estate, GIDC Road, Halol, Panchmahals, Gujarat, 389350 INDIA

Tel:  +91 986 765 6804

Legal name:  Syncomp Materials India Pvt. Ltd. 


Autopista Altamira Kilómetro 4.5
Puerto Industrial Altamira,
CP 89608
Tel: +52 833 229 0100

Carretera Federal Puebla-
Tlaxcala Kilómetro 15.5
Santo Toribio Xicohtzinco
Tlaxcala CP 90780
Tel: +52 222 211 9120

Legal names: 

Mexichem Compuestos S.A. de C.V.

Neotrimental S.A. de C.V.

United Kingdom

Stephanie Works, High Peak, Chinley SK23 6BT
Tel:   +44 (0) 1663 750221

Beler Way, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0DG
Tel:  +44 (0) 1664 502222

Legal name:  Mexichem Specialty Compounds Ltd.


84 Denver Road, Denver PA 17517
Tel: +1 800 462 4781

Legal name: 

Sylvin Technologies, Inc.

170 Pioneer Drive, Leominster MA 01453
Tel: +1 978 537 8071

9635 Industrial Drive, Pineville, NC 28134

Legal name: 

Mexichem Specialty Compounds, Inc.

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