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Materials for
General Purpose Consumer & Industry Applications

Tough as nails or flexible and subtle.  We love to formulate and our portfolio shows it!  Industrial applications include seals, gaskets, profiles, tubes, and hoses.  Consumer applications move from fashion footwear, floor mats, and sports equipment to soft-touch grips on tool handles.  Sheet extrusion materials flow smooth as silk while our color concentrates easily blend during processing, providing a fantastic variety of vivid colors.

The brand names DUROVIN, EVOPRENE, MEXIFLEX, PROVIN, SYLVIN, and VINASTAB are trademarks of Alphagary/Mexichem.
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PVC compounds

Flexible and rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) compounds formulated with general purpose ingredients for applications such as profile extrusion, seals, pads, gaskets, connectors, tubes, hoses, and molding applications such as vinyl records and footwear soles.

PVC compounds for general purpose applications

TPE compounds

Flexible TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) compounds provide elastomeric properties with the processing benefits of a thermoplastic material, offering the widest range of hardness (12A - 95A) and ability to co-bond with rigid plastics.

TPE compounds for general purpose applications

CPVC compounds

Alphagary’s CPVC (chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) compounds are strong and rigid thermoplastic materials, designed for extrusion or injection molding processes.  Applications include injection molded hydraulic parts and extruded hydraulic pipe. 

CPVC compounds for general purpose applications

Heritage brand name from Mexichem (MX, CO)
Heritage brand name of Sylvin Technologies
Heritage brand name of Vinyl Compounds (UK)
Vinyl compounds with recycled content
Flexible for extrusion and molding
Rigid for hydraulic parts
Ask us about compounds formulated with reduced carbon footprint.

Additives for PVC

Typical Applications

Our materials are used in a vast array of applications - here are some examples.  We have numerous off-the-shelf options and often custom-formulate a material to fit customer specifications.  By understanding the necessary performance criteria, we can recommend suitable candidates and work side-by-side throughout the approval process.

Put our experience to work.

Consistency with every blend

We understand how important it is for materials to perform consistently and reliably. That’s why we have adopted fixed practices that govern formulation integrity, process control and data acquisition. Customers trust us for this assurance so they can focus on creating dependable and functional products that enhance our lives every day.   so critical to our health and wellbeing.

Regulatory Expertise

We have full-time regulatory expertise to help navigate everchanging regulations. And we’re transparent with reporting information. In our Safety Data Sheets, made for each product, we report Substances of Very High Concern, phthalate content, and REACH, RoHS, and Prop 65 information along with the necessary safety precautions typically found on a safety data sheets. Our customers find this information very helpful as they answer regulations and apply for third-party approval.

Dedicated R&D Team

With fully appointed laboratory resources and decades of hands-on experience, we work closely with customers to choose the right candidates off-the-shelf or re-engineer based on performance requirements.  Working with a variety of polymers means we have a broad range of solutions to choose from.

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