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Materials for Wire, Cable, & Electrical Applications

We move fast and we need information to move fast too. We expect uninterrupted data, responsive instruments and clear signals.  And above all other performance criteria, we value safety.  To support the growth and speed of information exchange, we've designed a robust material portfolio, giving options to engineers as you build cables to provide data energy and power, control, signals and other functions while adhering to strict fire performance standards.

The brand names GARAFLEX, GARATHANE, MEGOLON, MEXIFLEX, POLIVISOL, SMOKEGUARD, SYLVIN and VINASTAB are trademarks of Alphagary/Mexichem.
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PVC compounds

Flame retardant PVC compounds for jacket and insulation applications, formulated with unique properties that are required for a variety of cables including communications, control, signal, coaxial, and various other cables.

Listed in QMTT2

NEC 1581, 1685, 1666

Flame retardant PVC compounds for applications such as building wire (UL recognized) and automotive wiring, formulated with unique properties needed for the intended application.  

Listed in QMTT2, QMFZ2/8

SMOKEGUARD compounds are formulated with unique low smoke and flame-retardant properties for cable applications needing to pass plenum fire test requirements – communications, power, control and specialty cables

Recognized in QMTM2

NFPA 262, UL 910 plenum

Flame retardant PVC compounds for insulation applications (booster cable, speaker wire),  flex cord, THHW wire, and  automotive wiring as well as molding compounds for cord sets and strain relief systems.    

Listed in QMTT2, QMFZ2/8

Flame retardant PVC compounds for general purpose cables and automotive wiring, including options for thin-wall jacket, designed to meet European BS and ISO standards.

PVC compounds for wire, cable & electrical applications

LSHF compounds

Low smoke, halogen-free (LSHF) MEGOLON compounds are formulated with properties required for a variety of cables including communications, power, energy, control, industrial automation, hybrid and specialty cables.

Recognized in AATJ2

European CPR

NEC 1581, 1685, 1666

ECOTEK low smoke, halogen-free compounds produced by Shakun Polymers enhance Alphagary's product offering with silane cross-linkable grades

LSHF compounds for wire, cable & electrical applications

TPE compounds

Flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds and alloys for jacket and insulation applications, designed to meet the requirements of unique, rugged environments.
GARAFLEX families:
  • GARAFLEX E - thermoplastic vinyl elastomers
  • GARAFLEX V - thermoplastic elastomer vulcanizates
  • GARAFLEX O - thermoplastic olefins
  • GARAFLEX G - styrenic-based elastomers

Listed in QMTT2

NEC 1581 and 1685

TPE compounds for wire, cable & electrical applications

TPU compounds

GARATHANE is a urethane alloy, flame retardant compound series used when abrasion resistance  and toughness are key requirements, especially in  very rugged outdoor applications
Non-halogen grades
Halogenated grades

TPU compounds for wire, cable & electrical applications

CPE compounds

Our GCPE compound series of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) based materials offers robust properties that can handle changing weather conditions and maintain data integrity while in constant motion.
Suitable for NEC 1685

CPE compounds for wire, cable & electrical applications

Semi-conductive compounds

A semi-conductive layer over the conductor surface and over the insulation surface of a medium (MV) or high (HV) voltage cable help to ensure insulation electrical performance.

Semi-conductive compounds for wire, cable & electrical applications

Additives for PVC

Typical communications and electrical cable applications

From material selection through testing, scale-up and production, our hands-on expertise in the wire & cable space thrives due to cooperative partnerships with our customers, long after product approval.  Additionally, we work side-by-side with leading third-party testing facilities, such as Underwriters Laboratories, helping us understand test protocol as well as recognition programs (like fingerprinting protocol) that supports transparent reporting practices.  All together, these principles translate to safety – in how we formulate, manufacture and support ongoing production as you build cables out of materials designed with integrity.      ​

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