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Food Preservation

Fumaric Acid

The acquisition of Neotrimental expands our business into the fumaric acid food additives space.  Fumaric Acid enables safe and stable preservation of foods and helps to mitigate the issue of food waste. 

Our product portfolio

Fumaric acid is a non-toxic, organic material used in various foods to enhance flavor, regulate acidity and lengthen shelf-life.  Food types include bakery goods such as tortillas, as well as various sweets, jellies, dry mixes and powdered soft drinks. Fumaric acid can also be used in personal care products and for animal nutrition. 


Alphagary provides both hot and cold-water soluble food-grade fumaric acid.  Our production facility in Altamira (Mexico) has manufactured these materials for several years, and our recent acquisition of Neotrimental now brings this business into our product portfolio. 

Gourmet Tacos
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Fudge Brownies
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Fresh Baked Scones
Pink Lemonade
Citrus Cold Drinks

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Sales Contact

Maria Paula Gutierrez de Piñeres de Vivero

+52 56 4168 1693

Customer Service Contact

Nancy Hernandez

+55 243 82629

We are pleased to announce that effective 11 May 2023, we have acquired the Neotrimental business, formerly known as Andercol Mexico S.A. de C.V.  The acquisition of Neotrimental will enable us to expand into the fumaric acid food additive space that enables safe and stable preservation of foods to mitigate the issue of food waste.  

While you will see items such as packaging and literature updated with new branding, we will continue to manufacture product at the same site and on the same equipment as previously.  

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