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Alphagary's stabilizer production facility


Bringing PVC to Life!

Our calcium-zinc stabiliser systems are a one-pack addition, offering an efficient method to provide heat stability and lubrication during processing.

The system also ensures great mechanical performance and application-specific enhancement of the finished PVC article, such as increased impact resistance, superior weathering and wet electrical properties.

World Class Investment

VINASTAB is manufactured in one of the world’s most efficient stabilizer production plants.  The plant design is calculated to reduce energy consumption by 65%  for every ton of stabilizer produced compared with older technology and vacuum transfer systems. Also weighment accuracy gives unrivalled product consistency which should reduce customer scrap levels.

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The plant design has produced an operation so considered and meticulously planned that we are seeing a 65% reduction in our carbon footprint.   

Reduced carbon footprint

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Our facility is designed for accurate dosing with no cross-contamination, translating to more consistent processing and better PVC products.

Consistently Seamless

Extensive R&D equipment and hands-on technical know-how allows us to create complex or simple additive packages for our customers according to their individual needs

Technical Knowledge

Manufactured with astonishing accuracy & repeatability 

Our technical specialists refined existing techniques, allowing us to produce stabilizers with an unprecedented level of precision.  This customization gives us the ability to blend unique formulations based on customer requirements and deliver unrivalled consistency and astonishing accuracy.​

VINASTAB 1000 series


Drainage & irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting, above-ground pipes, sanitation

VINASTAB 2000 series


Rigid injection molding covering fittings and accessories, electrical, drainage, water supply, roofline.

VINASTAB 3000 series


Window and door profiles - white, natural, colored

VINASTAB 4000 series

Extrusion & Molding

Flexible applications including cables (power, telecom, network), flooring, fabric coating, footwear, healthcare products, automotive wiring, EV charging systems.

VINASTAB 5000 series


Wall and door protection, roofline products, gutter, downpipe, decking, furniture, cladding, trunking and conduit.  

VINASTAB 6000 series


Rigid foamed (cellular) profiles

VINASTAB 7000 series


Rigid capstock (skin) applications for pipes and profiles

VINASTAB 8000 series


Supports recycled PVC in applications such as windows, pipes and other construction and decorative items. 


Additive packs for PVC and other polymers and specialty applications (e.g., wood composite).

VINASTAB 9000 series


Purge and freeze, both dryblend and compound form

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Built with you in mind

We see our customers as valued partners.  By collaborating to understand your needs, we help solve pain-points and create lasting value.  From innovative recipes to production excellence, our investment to build one of the world’s most advanced stabilizer manufacturing facilities was made with you in mind.  Benefit from our experience!  After all, we are a customer too.      

Choosing the right stabilizer supplier:  consistency is key!

Contact us for more information

We're happy to provide data sheets, processing guidance, regulatory assistance and product recommendations

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