News Update: Mexichem Specialty Compounds is now Alphagary. Stay tuned for more updates.

Do you want to be part of a dynamic & growing team?

Dynamic & Growing

When you’re a part of the Alphagary team, you are helping to make advanced materials that connect us to technology, help us when we are sick, keep our homes warm and dry, and enhance our safety.

Advancing Life
Advancing Life
You see and touch our durable, high-performance and sustainable materials everywhere, every day.
Keeping You Safe
Keeping You Safe
Our culture of safety is dynamic and deliberate. Our greatest asset are our people.
Values that Matter
Values that Matter
Embracing Diversity
Taking Responsibility
Being Brave
It Benefits You
It Benefits You
Competitive compensation, heath care, profit sharing, holidays and more!
Hands-on Training
Hands-on Training
You’ll receive on-the-job training and guidance to keep you learning and gaining highly marketable skills.
Fantastic Future
Fantastic Future
We promote our people – a LOT! There’s room here for you to advance into many interesting roles with great pay. Like many of your teammates here, you won’t just be building up job skills – you’ll be building a career!


Whether you’d like to apply for an open position, or you would simply like to connect with our People Team, please

Alphagary is an Equal Opportunity/Veterans/Disabled/LGBTQ+ employer who celebrates diversity and is committed to having an inclusive environment for all employees

Site Location Open Positions
UK, Chinley
Process Operators
Planning Manager
Shift Manager
UK, Melton
Process Operators
Finance Director
US, Denver
Machine Operator
US, Leominster
Machine Operator – Blender
Business Manager (Remote)
Sales Representative (Ohio Region)
QC Technician
US, Pineville
North Carolina
Who is Alphagary?
From our sites in the United States (3), United Kingdom (2), Mexico (2), and Colombia (1), Alphagary designs and manufactures specialty compounds based on polymers such as PVC, TPE, Olefin and other types of materials.

Our compounds are created for durable, high-performance and sustainable applications in healthcare, communications, energy, building & construction, consumer goods, automotive, food contact and various other functional products. Alphagary also produces calcium-zinc PVC stabilizers that aid in the processing of vinyl resin, including special formulations for use in recycled materials.

Our compounds are molded or extruded into an incredibly diverse variety of products, each requiring its own specific set of performance criteria. Each year, we sell over 2,000 different formulations, many have been tweaked to meet a customer specification.

Where are our compounds used? Here are some examples: fiber optic cables, electric vehicle charging cables, power cables, energy cables, data communications cables, designer footwear, rugged work boots, rain boots, window profiles, plumbing seals, appliance parts, interior automotive parts, soft-drink caps, food storage containers, cooking utensils, oxygen tubing, medical parts, syringe seals, incubator parts, dialysis equipment, baby toys, pet toys, garden hoses, … and much more.