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Why Choose Us

There are many companies who can part-supply your plastic compound requirements. Few can meet them all, and only one is prepared to go the extra mile and create new compounds - no matter how demanding the application or performance criteria set. It's our dogged tenacity and determination to deliver the perfect tailored plastic compound solution, that answers the question - Why choose Mexichem Specialty Compounds?


We believe that there are seven strong reasons to choose Mexichem Specialty Compounds:

  1. Technology: we have all latest manufacturing and product development tools available to meet your demands. 
  2. Service: our service support teams and technical materials specialists will work to meet the most demanding plastic compound specification.
  3. Quality: our plastic compounds are developed, tested and refined to meet any environmental or working stress tolerance.
  4. Global Availability: no question, wherever you are we can make and ship the compounds you need.
  5. Customer Service: supply from stock, from previous manufacturing runs, from scratch or a specification paper doodle. At Mexichem Specialty Compounds, we know that this is what it takes to deliver real customer service.
  6. Leadership: following is not the Mexichem Specialty Compounds way. We take the lead in pushing the boundaries of plastic compound performance and durability in the most demanding environments.
  7. Responsive: Our core difference is our willingness to respond positively, and to innovate, in order to meet your plastic compound needs.

Our Products

Finding the solution to your specific application needs has never been easier. Simply choose your market, application, and technology. Then choose products that meet your technical specifications. Our product portfolio covers LSHF, FR PVC, Plenum, TPE, TPU, TPO, FR PVC and color concentrates.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? It’s not a problem; we'll simply develop it.

At Mexichem Specialty Compounds, we have the most extensive product line and technical staff to handle a demand for any complex technical specification.
Our plastic compounds have been used in markets globally across multiple applications. Thermoplastic elastomers, Low Smoke Halogen Free, PVC compounds - whatever you require let Mexichem Specialty Compounds work with you to create a tailored solution that fulfills your requirements, and meets the stringent regulatory and environmental standards within your industry.

Our Markets

Whether you work in Wire & Cable, the Medical sector, Food Contact, Consumer Goods, Industrial,  Building and Construction or the Automotive market, Mexichem Specialty Compounds can work with you to supply standard or customized plastic compounds to meet your stringent requirements. Our technical experts can tweak or innovate from scratch. All you need to do is contacts us. Need a solution? Let’s talk

Tailored solutions for your plastic compound needs

Continued product innovation is the name of the game. Why settle for nearly right when, with the right technical partner, you can create the perfect plastic compound by working with Mexichem Specialty Compounds' commercial team and technical specialists.