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We are manufacturers of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) compounds for use in Wire & Cable applications.

As thermoplastic polyurethane manufacturers, our Urethane based compounds designated as GARATHANE® provide good abrasion resistance and fire retardance when used in both molding and extrusion applications. As a TPU manufacturer and TPU material supplier, you will find our compounds commonly used for footwear outer soles and wire & cable industrial jacket applications.

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FR TPU with good abrasion resistance

Thermoplastic polyurethanes and thermoplastic urethane (TPU) are generally used as a secondary insulating material for wire and cable applications, and in special cases it is used as a primary insulator. For example, TPU thermoplastic polyurethane is used as a jacketing material for above-ground mining cables due to its high abrasion resistance and as the primary insulator for flat cables in the automotive industry.

When selecting jacketing material for a cable, criteria to be considered are mechanical, environmental and chemical stability of the polymer, thermal and electrical properties as well as design requirements of the specific application.