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We are manufacturers of TPO - thermoplastic olefin compounds - for use in control and data cables.

As TPO manufacturers, our specialty fire retardant thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) based compounds, designated as GPE and GPO series, are designed for insulating and filler wire & cable applications. As polyolefin manufacturers we understand that flame retardant and good electrical properties are essential.

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Flame Retardant Olefins with good electrical properties

The GPE series are flame retardant olefin compounds designed to meet Category 5+ electrical properties in plenum data cables. Thermoplastic olefin primarily used in the wire & cable, battery and automotive markets. Applications range from flame retardant polyethylene based materials for the wire & cable market, flame retardant polypropylene for the battery market (UL 94 V0 & V2), interior & exterior paint applications for the automotive market. Various fillers and additives are also incorporated to meet required specifications by material & design engineers. For example, TPO compounds can be color matched with UV additives to pass OEM accelerate weathering and two-year outdoor weathering tests.