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We are manufacturers of low smoke halogen free (LSHF / LSZH) compounds.

Our Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF), or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH/LS0H) plastic compounds were developed under the brand MEGOLON® to provide excellent flame resistance and low smoke properties for global halogen free cable applications. LSHF/LS0H compounds are currently being used in industrial, energy, power and data cable designs, setting the standard for halogen free flame retardant compounds.

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Improving Fire performance in Wire & Cable Applications

There has been recognition that some of the conventionally used cable compounds, based on halogen-containing polymers, can present problems in the event of a fire. This has led to the development of MEGOLON® halogen free, low smoke, cable and thermoplastic compounds, which possess excellent fire retardant characteristics, making the manufacture of lszh/lsoh cables, which generate only very low amounts of smoke and acid fumes, possible. MEGOLON® LSHF compounds have similar performance characteristics to PVC jacketing compounds; yet provide improved performance in a fire. Megolon compounds possess excellent thermomechanical properties that make them suitable for use in the manufacture of both power and telecommunication cables.


MEGOLON® is currently used in areas where people need to be evacuated safely and quickly in an emergency, or in areas containing expensive or sensitive equipment. These areas include hotel, high-rise buildings, exhibition centers, hospitals, metro (subway) systems, airports, communication exchanges, offshore platforms, military applications, power generation facilities, oil and petrochemical installations and many others.