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PVC Plasticizers

Phthalic plasticizers are by far the most used in the world. At Alphagary, we have a wide range of phthalic and non-phthalic plasticizers.

Among the phthalic plasticizers, we manufacture DOP (also called DEHP), used in practically all markets and applications of flexible PVC. Our portfolio includes specialty plasticizers for those applications that require to meet strict performance specifications such as stability and resistance to high temperatures or excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures.

In addition to the line of phthalic plasticizers, in Alphagary we produce a wide range of non-phthalic plasticizers for specific applications in which high performance is required in high or low temperature conditions, or in applications where there is a restriction for use of phthalic plasticizers.

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Plasticizers of general use

In Alphagary we produce two plasticizers of general use: dioctyl phthalate (DOP) and di propyl heptanol phthalate (DPHP).

Historically, the DOP has been the plasticizer most used worldwide, finding application in various industrial sectors such as cables in insulation and covers; In the medical industry, for ven- tricular equipment, dialysis, blood bags and various medical devices; In the construction industry, for the manufacture of flexible profiles and floor tiles; In the consumer goods market and in other applications such as hoses, synthetic leather, canvas and plastic films.

On the other hand, the DPHP, consumed in a smaller volume, is a plasticizer that presents less migration than the DOP, and that has been used to replace plasticizers like the diisononil phthalate (DINP) and the diisodecyl phthalate (DIDP) since the DPHP, unlike the above, is not listed in California Proposition 65. The DPHP is used in the construction industry for the manufacture of roofs and some applications of the automotive industry due to its lower volatility, as well as for the manufacture of cables, providing better properties after aging, for cables that do not require a high thermal class.

Special Plasticizers

At Alphagary we manufacture a line of specialty phthalic plasticizers, specifically designed to produce materials that need to meet strict performance specifications.

The 911P (9 to 11 carbon straight chain phthalate mixture) is a linear chain phthalic plasticizer, which is used mainly in applications requiring excellent performance at low temperatures. Our specialty phthalic plasticizers are options used regularly in the manufacture of PVC compounds for cables and automotive products.

Non-phthalic plasticizers

The non-phthalic plasticizers we offer in Alphagary include trimellitic plasticizers, adipic plasticizers and terephthalic plasticizers. Trimellitic plasticizers are used for applications where excellent performance at high temperatures is required. In Mexichem we have three trimellitic plasticizers: trioctyl trimellitate (TOTM), tri-n-nonyl trimellitate (L9TM) and a mixture of linear chain trimellitates of 8 to 10 carbons (810TM).

The L9TM and 810TM, being linear chain plasticizers, also provide excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures. As an alternative to the recent regulations, in Alphagary we include in our catalog of plasticizers dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP). DOTP is used as a substitute for DOP, presenting similar properties, and in some cases, advantages in the performance of the final products.

We also have dioctyl adipate (DOA), a linear plasticizer that gives end products flexibility at extreme low temperatures. The DOA is mainly used in applications such as self-adhesive film, for use in contact with foods that require freezing.