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TPE Compounds: ALPHASEAL 221

ALPHASEAL 221 is a PVC free liner for use in wide diameter plastic (PP) closures lined by Oberburg KDP50, SACMI PMV 238 or HC14 Machines. It is specially designed for hot filling and general purpose uses but should not be used on very fatty or oily foods. Made using ingredients listed in FDA.

Key Features
Hot-fill Liner
Compound type:TPE
Market:Food Contact
Application:Beverage applications
Processing method:Injection Molding
Durometer:59 A 15 Sec
Specific Gravity:0.90
Tensile Strength (MPa):11.70
Tensile Strength (Psi):1700
Elongation (%):750%
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Francine Ayles

Francine Ayles

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