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Wire & Cable Plastic Compound Solutions

We have spent decades designing and manufacturing compounds for a wide variety of datacom, control, power and hybrid wire and cable applications. Built to meet demanding fire standards - European CPR, US NEC, Canada CSA -- and designed to balance properties for the perfect solution, we're happy to offer advice based on your cable design. Browse our extensive offering of FR-PVC (GW series), plenum (SMOKEGUARD), and LSHF (MEGOLON) compounds for both copper and fiber applications. Need a tough and flexible candidate for industrial applications? Look at our TPE compounds (GARAFLEX), PU blends (GARATHANE) and GCPE series for unique combinations of properties suitable for a variety of environments.

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Innovative solutions backed by decades of expertise

Technology moves fast.  And our job is to move faster.  We've built our product portfolio to support wire and cable design and performance requirements across the globe.  Tell us what fire test standard you need to pass and the properties that your cable needs to offer and we'll help you find the perfect solution*


GW series:  flame-retardant PVC designed for applications that need to pass UL 1581, UL 1685, UL 1666 (datacom, coaxial, control, signal, energy, building wire)

SMOKEGUARD:  materials to pass NFPA 262 / UL 910 plenum testing standards (datacom, signal, fire alarm, control, coaxial)

MEGOLON:  low smoke halogen free compounds designed for European CPR standards and appropriate for many UL standards such as UL 1685 (cable design dependent) for datacom, power, control, signal cables.  Several materials part of UL's halogen-free recognition

GARAFLEX:  TPE compounds for applications needing tough and flexible low temperature properties such as Industrial Cable, EV Cable, Flexible Cord, Heat Trace Cable, Submersible Pump Cable

GARATHANE:  PU blend compounds where abrasion resistance and toughness are needed (mining cables, outdoor deployment, wind-farm cable)

GCPE series:  modified CPE compounds suitable to pass UL 1685 for low to medium voltage power cable jacket 

GARATONE:  munsell-standard color concentrates (PVC and LSHF)






* Material performance is determined by the entire cable design