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Automotive Thermoplastic Compound Solutions

The plastic content in cars is steadily increasing. Fuel-efficiency demands weight reduction and modern plastics can deliver that with no loss of material performance - given the right specification. Mexichem Specialty Compounds can collaborate at every level to deliver the performance gains you are looking to achieve with its extensive list of TPE and TPV thermoplastic compound solutions for the automotive industry

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Versatility in shape and function

Plastic weighs up to 50% less than other auto materials, making it an ideal material to make cars more fuel-efficient. Plastics offer wide versatility in the shapes into which they can be formed and the manufacturing process is more straightforward - through injection molding or extrusion compared to other materials, and this can produce significant cost savings.

Our TPE and TPV plastic compounds are designed for interior and exterior applications such as airbag covers, steering wheel covers, gear shift knobs and boots, handle grips, body side molding, window gaskets, and wire harness grommets, to name just a few.