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EVOPRENE - TPE compounds
Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Food Contact Products, Construction Applications and Automotive Parts

EVOPRENE® TPE compounds

EVOPRENE TPE compounds are designed for an endless array of consumer goods, building and industrial applications. End products include window and door seals, appliance gaskets, flexible hose, tubing, food contact parts, pet toys, footwear, automotive interior and a wide variety of soft-touch parts such as tool grips, coat hanger grips and personal care products.

Excellent resitance
Excellent resistance to thermal degradation, ozone and UV light
Wide range of hardness
Ability to co-bond
Ability to co-bond with rigid plastics such as PP, PE
Manufacturing Excellence
PVC-free, plasticizer free, latex free, BPA free, halogen-free
Capability to recycle and reprocess
Processes on conventional equipment; pre-drying optional

Markets & Applications

Our EVOPRENE series of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds provide elastomeric properties with the processing benefits of thermoplastics. We offer a wide range of options from standard in-stock grades to custom compounds designed to meet your specifications.

Markets Applications
REGULATED Applications requiring food contact ingredients such as food containers, medical and pharma devices, baby products, skin contact and toys
CONSTRUCTION Applications such as window gaskets, waste-water, roofing, grips and seals and protective components
CONSUMER Products for sports & leisure, appliance parts, soft-touch grips and electronics
AUTOMOTIVE Interior low-fog applications, exterior parts, HVAC, under the hood (limited), and electric vehicle