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Gearing up for the Electric Vehicle revolution

As electric vehicle (EV) demand grows, the need for charging stations increases. In anticipation of the coming EV revolution, Alphagary has developed a material for charging station cable that is durable, efficient and environmentally friendly. Alphagary’s new TPE material GARAFLEX is a premium alternative to thermoset rubber and has been vetted by leading charging station manufacturers. It is made from recyclable thermoplastic—both better for the environment from a waste perspective as well as a reduced cycle time perspective. In addition, GARAFLEX withstands punishing weather conditions while performing to the Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) safety standards, maintaining its toughness and flexibility—key for customers as they maneuver hoses to plug in.


Already in 2020, Alphagary has seen an increase in customer interest for GARAFLEX and is modifying formulations to adapt to individual manufacturer needs. The cleaner, greener EV future is around the bend, and Alphagary is happy to take part in driving it

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