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Compounds designed for testing & certification to CPR requirements

It has been four years since the inception of the European Union’s Construction Products Regulation (CPR); far-reaching legislation that covers many aspects of building materials sold into the European Economic Area. 

The class or rating a cable will achieve is dependent on a variety of factors, and the ability to predict how well a cable will perform is notoriously difficult.  It is with this in mind that Alphagary has devoted a great deal of effort to developing the key features of MEGOLON and its halogen free flame-retardant properties that enables use in a wide range of applications.

Our MEGOLON compounds are tailored  for applications such as data and power cables and for different classes in each sector.   We have focused on ease of processing which is a difficult task when designing for the higher category performance requirements.

As cables are required to meet higher categories, the concentration on designing MEGOLON compounds for CPR-rated cables continues to be a cornerstone of development activity within Alphagary.    We partner with customers to fully comprehend the challenges that exist which allows us to offer solutions to answer those challenges.  Where an existing MEGOLON compound will not fully satisfy a set of criteria, we work to develop a suitable candidate.  Our focus in this area will continue as global engineers call for materials that satisfy a myriad of application and performance requirements. 



Low smoke halogen-free compounds

  • Recognized by UL for halogen-free status
  • Grades designed to pass the various performance rankings from B2 to E
  • Ideal for both fiber optic and copper data cables as well as power cable
  • Customer-centric approach to understanding requirements and providing a solution




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MEGOLON S540 is a thermoplastic, halogen free cable sheathing compound which exhibits an excellent level of fire retardancy. This product is specifically aimed at designs of cables requiring a good degree of flexibility and the ability to meet the more stringent fire test specifications.


GARAFLEX E 4762 A5 is a 105°c, lead free, low temperature, flexible jacket and insulation compound