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Compounds designed for INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET cables

Today’s automation systems are calling for increased performance driven by ethernet connections (computers, controllers, cameras, etc.)  Jacket materials designed for industrial cables must be rugged and flexible while providing protection against oils, chemicals and extreme temperatures to allow for uninterrupted data transfer.  Our arsenal of compounds provides engineers with a variety of options, whether the design is for Category 6 or fiber to carry data to the factory floor or robotic, needing to withstand constant flexing and stress. 

GW series – flame retardant PVC

PVC compounds providing a range of operating temperature performance and flame retardance.  Options include oil resistance and sunlight resistance

GARAFLEX – TPE compounds

Able to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures (-60C to 105C) while still maintaining flexibility, TPE compounds are ideal in many industrial environments.  Options include sunlight resistance, ease of processing and matte finish.  For insulation materials, the UL-recognized wet electrical properties of GARAFLEX V, protecting the reliability of cable performance. 

GARATHANE – TPU compounds

We have modified straight urethane into value-added alloys and flame retardant grades.  These materials are perfect for conditions where abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, good low temp properties, and toughness are key requirements.  Applications include mining cables and wind farm cables that require outdoor deployment

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SMOKEGUARD O 401 is a 105°c rated polypropylene-based plenum cable insulation skin compound


GARAFLEX G 7782 A4 is a thermoplastic elastomer insulation or jacketing compound intended for wire and cable applications