News Update: Mexichem Specialty Compounds is now Alphagary. Stay tuned for more updates.

New life for discarded window trim

Keeping circularity top-of-mind is one thing: taking action to ensure it is another. When Alphagary’s team in Chinley saw the opportunity to turn plastic waste into a market-ready resource, the business put idea into action through launching an on-site PVC recycling program.

In addition to offering virgin PVC compounds and CaZn stabilizers for window profiles, Alphagary is taking part in a cycle that eliminates plastic waste, regenerates resources and satisfies customer needs in the process.  Alphagary takes back discarded window profiles and uses a proprietary processing technique to remove metal scrap and separate colors before pulverizing the profiles, allowing customers to extrude the recycled material into new product. 

 On an annual basis, Alphagary recycles around 1,200 tons of window profiles made of PVC that customers can turn into prime end products.  Additionally, we have a range of VINASTAB stabilizer products that enhance the stability and expand the end-use applications and performance of the recycled material.  Our additive packages will ultimately make it possible for the recycled content to be used in more technically demanding applications with greater durability, longevity, and number of reuse cycles.