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Helping to preserve the refreshing sparkle of our favorite drinks

Designing materials that help preserve the refreshing sparkle of our favorite soft drink is no simple task.  Alphagary’s EVA-based compound ALPHASEAL has an impressive history of meeting the necessary application challenges for carbonated soft drink cap-liners in both PET and glass bottles. 


Starting with FDA-sanctioned ingredients, each formulation is carefully crafted for fast processing speeds in narrow processing windows while providing good adhesion and the ability to withstand rigorous sterilization.  Each formulation is tested to ensure neutral flavor and odor standards in order to deliver optimal taste and maximize product shelf life.


In 2020, Alphagary’s team in India has been working closely with local customers to approve a variety of ALPHASEAL formulations that are engineered to process on different equipment types including Sacmi Machines.  Field testing includes passing torque release requirements and providing migration test data to support necessary approvals. 


“Our customers are impressed with the range and experience of our EVA-based ALPHASEAL compounds” said Dipal Parikh, Commercial Director of Alphagary’s AMEA Division.  “Being able to provide compounds specially formulated to meet these challenging requirements shows our expertise in this area and gives our customers the assurance they need to proceed with testing.”

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ALPHAMED 2212/7-118 Clear is a rigid PVC compound producted with FDA-sanctioned ingredients.  Crystal clear rigid parts can be produced with this formulation which features high flow and excellent heat stability for easy molding. 

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The ALPHAMED 2228 GBF series (50-95A) is clear, flexible PVC produced with FDA sanctioned ingredients.  This material is designed to meet the US Pharmacopeia's Class VI and cytotoxicity requirements for medical devices.  It is formulated without DEHP, BBP, DBP, DNOP, DINP, DIDP and DIBP.  This material was developed for extrusion of kink-resistant, sparkling clear medical tubing with excellent heat stability and good low temperature flexibility and water blush resistance.  It is sterilizable via Radiation, ETO, and Autoclave methods.