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Animal disease prevention using PVC compound


Preventing the infestation from parasites in animals (such as cattle) and insects (such as honeybees) has been a difficult task. Specific Mexichem Specialty Compound products such as SK/2223C, one of our “SuperKleen” product lines, were developed as a dry blend for use as a carrier for pesticides that were added by pharmaceutical companies. These modified dry blend products were then injection molded into animal ear tags as well as bee-strips for use in honeybee hives.

The Problem

The original formulations developed for these applications were compliant, but no longer met the new EPA requirements. Mexichem Specialty Compounds was asked to develop new soft PVC formulations for this type of applications in order to meet the EPA requirements listed under 40 CFR 180.930 (“Inert ingredients applied to animals; exceptions from the requirements of a tolerance”). New products were required, as a dry blend, for use as pesticide carrier in farming, primarily in livestock ear tags and for protecting beehives.


Parasite control requires permanent treatment solutions. Insecticide-impregnated cattle ear tags release small amounts of insecticide over time. Cattle then distribute this over their bodies during grooming or rubbing. Ear tags have provided excellent, long-term control of flying and skin pests. In honey bees, Varroa mite infestation was destroying beehive populations. Plastic strips, infused with particular insecticide, are inserted into the hives to kill the mites.


The threat of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE), also known as “Mad cow disease”, was grabbing a lot of attention due to the assumed potential for spreading to animals and then humans by indirect contact with plastic devices containing animal by-products. Mexichem Specialty Compounds believed that addressing this concern also at the same time while developing the new products for the dry blend carrier applications would provide safer products to our customers.

The Solution

New formulations were created, within our “SuperKleen” products portfolio, to meet the new regulatory demands. Dry-blend products such as SK/2223BF-50 CLEAR 0001 DB/AP and SK/2223BF-70 CLEAR 0001 DB/AP were developed, tested and cleared for agricultural use by EPA (as inert ingredients in pesticide formulations under 40 CFR 180.920 as well as under 40 CFR 180.930). Most of the ingredients in these animal by-product free formulations are bio-based, produced from renewable resources to address the TSE concerns.

The Result

These particular “SuperKleen” products introduced to the US and European pesticide markets for use in animal ear tags as well as bee-strips. They are fully compliant, with approval from the EPA,  used at a maximum 80% with 20% pesticide active ingredient.

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