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MICRAFLO® is a uniform free flowing micro-pellet with a high pigment concentration. This dust free coloring system provides optimum dispersion in a wide range of PVC applications such as underground pipes, rainwater gutters, connectors, wire & cable, glazing profiles and most general molding & extrusion applications. MICRAFLO® can also be applied to other polymer compositions that would generally utilize EVA based masterbatch.

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Coloring System for PVC

MICRAFLO® is available in standard Munsell & NEMA colors and customized to meet your exact color requirements. The regular pellet shape and controlled size distribution provides improved accuracy of color addition and color distribution in the dry blend and final product.

MICRAFLO® is formulated with pigment concentrations of up to 80%. This will allow for lower dosing rates, reduced inventory and lower coloring costs. Pigment levels can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. MICRAFLO® is dust free and easy to clean, reducing color changeover times and enhancing hygiene in the working environment.

The pigments are encapsulated in a polymer carrier with excellent compatibility with PVC products. MICRAFLO® has negligible effects on the fusion behavior of the PVC composition or the physical properties of the final product.

The benefits of using MICRAFLO® are:

  • Improved accuracy of color addition.
  • Uniform dry blend dispersion.
  • Low dosage.
  • Reduced inventory
  • Lower coloring costs
  • Dust free - cleaner work environment.
  • Faster color changeover.