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Our EVOPRENE® thermoplastic Elastomer compounds where first formulated over 25 years ago. Since then the range has been continually developed, revised and refined so that today’s compounds are available to meet demanding requirements in nearly all areas of our lives – from parts for appliances, automobiles and consumer products, through gaskets, seals and fittings for construction to regulated areas such as baby products, toys, food and medical components.

Most EVOPRENE® grades have been formulated for specific applications then adapted for other requirements. There are a number of features which all grades exhibit and which provide a benefit to the processor or end customer:

Easy to process on standard thermoplastics processing equipment
Fully recyclable at all stages
No degradation during normal processing
Pelletised compound is ready to use usually without predrying
Generally easy to colour with universal or PE-based masterbatch or with liquid colours
Suitable for moulding with cold or hot runner systems
All grades are free from phthalate or similar plasticizers
All grades except the flame retardant grades (identified separately) are halogen-free

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Our EVOPRENE® range of materials is designed to perform in a variety of applications:  



                -EVOPRENE TPEs are a suitable alternative to TPV and TPO applications in many automotive applications.  These TPEs provide for ease to mold and extrude products to the highest standard of OEM approvals.

Building & Construction

                -EVOPRENE TPEs become a key part of many diverse products.  This segment explores numerous areas for soft touch, dynamic applications and essential sealing functions.


                -EVOPRENE TPEs compel a sensitive area due to food contact, high visibility and strong demand for performance. Toys, grips and other engineering components are being used every day. There are various compounds designed for specific niche requirements.


                -EVOPRENE TPEs are designed for small to large applications and a broad range of products to co-mold plus weld to rigid plastics.  These compounds endure abrasion resistance, low compression set and outdoor environmental conditions.


                -EVOPRENE TPEs are widely used in healthcare applications from drug sealing, dispensing, medical devices, and other diverse medical products. Regulated requirements are vital to our existence and will be a critical part of our daily lives for generations to generations.