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Our EVOPRENE® thermoplastic Elastomer compounds where first formulated over 25 years ago. Since then the range has been continually developed, revised and refined so that today’s compounds are available to meet demanding requirements in nearly all areas of our lives – from parts for appliances, automobiles and consumer products, through gaskets, seals and fittings for construction to regulated areas such as baby products, toys, food and medical components.

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Our EVOPRENE® compounds are based on styrene block copolymer thermoplastic elastomers (SBCs). The base polymers have end blocks of polystyrene with a rubbery midblock of either polybutadiene (SBS) or poly(ethylenebutylene) (SEBS). These polymers behave like rubber at ambient temperatures but flow like thermoplastics when subjected to heat and pressure. To create the extensive range of TPE compounds, a wide selection of additives is utilized. These are added in highly intensive microprocessor controlled mixing operations, which ensures excellent dispersion.

Most EVOPRENE® grades have been formulated for specific applications then adapted for other requirements. There are a number of features which all grades exhibit and which provide a benefit to the processor or end customer:

  • Easy to process on standard thermoplastics processing equipment
  • Fully recyclable at all stages
  • No degradation during normal processing
  • Pelletised compound is ready to use usually without predrying
  • Generally easy to colour with universal or pe based masterbatch or with liquid colours
  • Suitable for moulding with cold or hot runner systems
  • All grades are free from phthalate or similar plasticizers
  • All grades except the flame retardant grades (identified separately) are halogen-free