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USA Facilities Certified in ISRS

US Plastic Compound supplier, Mexichem Specialty Compounds USA certified in ISRS - Level 7

Pineville and Leominster awarded Level 7 ISRS

Following two weeks of auditing by DNV GL to the International Safety Rating System 6th Edition, both Pineville and Leominster have successfully passed the requisite scores to be awarded a level 7 as required by Mexichem.

After a rocky start, congratulations must be given to all those who worked tirelessly to reach the level attained. Not just those who had specific elements covered at level 7, but everyone who had some part to play in this success. Those who kept the plants clean. Those who attended training sessions and carried that experience into their working day. Those who delivered the training. Those who had administrative input into the elements and so on. Everyone deserves a pat on the back.

After many visits to Mexico for training by DNV GL by numerous employees and four days of further knowledge enhancement under DNVs Modern Safety Management system, both site set about fulfilling the requirements of the elements and related sub-clauses in readiness for this audit.

Both sites understood that ISRS did not ask for a complete change in their current safety system but relied on looking for best fit using the standards and ethos in ISRS as guidance. Both sites had many policies, procedures and process requirements that were similar but on occasion, some of these systems were specific to a particular site. This may have been because of legislation, regional requirements or just that a particular system was indicative of how that site was running at the time and therefore, classed as “best fit”.

Congratulations to both sites but the work does not stop here. All three sites, including Mexichem Specialty Compounds UK, need to work together to standardise what we have currently before moving on to the next ISRS level.