News Update: Mexichem Specialty Compounds is now Alphagary. Stay tuned for more updates.

MSC Expands in Europe


Mexichem Specialty Compounds (MSC) has installed a new production line at its facility in Melton Mowbray (UK), increasing production capacity by an additional 10,000 tonnes per year. The additional volume output is targeted to service MSC’s global customer base with demand for Low Smoke Halogen Free MEGOLON® compounds as wire and cable manufacturers respond to evolving Construction Product Regulation (CPR) requirements.

“Investing in the ability to rapidly service our customers’ requirements is at the forefront of this initiative”, said MSC’s General Manager, Daniel J. DeLisle. “While global standards continue to evolve, and while technology continues to advance, our reaction time to the pace of business is critical to partnering with our customers and meeting their needs.”

Closely following Mexichem’s announcement of the acquisition of Sylvin Technologies (Denver, US), the MSC group of companies continues to expand, offering a broad range of compound solutions to its loyal customer base. Gautam Nivarthy, VP/GM of the Compounds Business Group, said: “We are working in close collaboration with our customers to innovate and develop new products that enable compliance with CPR regulations in Europe. This is consistent with our Company’s focus on advancing life through materials that empower safer living through human centered innovation.”

With this new production capacity, Mexichem Specialty Compounds will essentially double its volume output for specialty materials such as MEGOLON compounds. “The complexity and specialization required to run these leading-edge materials requires certain competences,” commented Daniel J. DeLisle, MSC General Manager. “We are committed to focusing on the future innovation of these material types so that we will be well-positioned to offer solutions in the form of next generation of materials.”



Mexichem Specialty Compounds (MSC) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of leading edge PVC, TPE, LSHF, Olefin, and other compounds and stabilizer systems. The group operates from five facilities (three in the US, two in the UK), with a new facility being built in India.

MSC was formed in 2011 upon Mexichem’s purchase of AlphaGary Corporation and Bayshore Vinyl Compounds. In 2016, Vinyl Compounds Ltd (UK) joined the MSC group and in 2018, Sylvin Technologies (US) became part of Mexichem Specialty Compounds.

Formerly called AlphaGary, the company has earned a long-standing reputation in the wire & cable industry with its SMOKEGUARD plenum and MEGOLON low smoke halogen-free technologies. In the medical device industry, AlphaGary is well-known for its ALPHAMED PVC material and its EVOPRENE TPE compounds that widely used in consumer goods products.

MSC services a variety of industries with both standard and custom formulations geared toward the needs of demanding applications such as communications cables, medical devices, consumer goods, building products, and automotive parts. MSC emphasizes its health, safety, environment and quality programs by maintaining OHSAS, ISO 9001, ISRS, and ISO 14001 certifications.

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