News Update: Mexichem Specialty Compounds is now Alphagary. Stay tuned for more updates.

How To Get The Most From The Improved Mexichem Speciality Compounds Website


The new website saves you time by placing all the prime features and search tools clearly on the Home Page. Key components include:

1.    Express access to speciality compounds via the compound bar.

2.    Dedicated ‘Customer Area’ with TDS history.

3.    Search compounds tool or search by market sector requirement.

4.    Express search to find specific Technical Data Sheets.

5.    Find specific case studies for your industry in the ‘Case Study’ bar.

6.    Plant certification and associated information



All the key product areas, compounds and market areas are prominent on the Home Page. At the top of the page you will find:

·      All the main speciality compounds, shown on the top navigation bar.

·      Select by your market sector or use the drill down ‘Search Compounds’ route.

·      Wherever you go, filtering tools will lead you and help you to refine your search.


The key to the functionality of the new website is its flexibility. It helps you to quickly find crucial information in the way that suits you best. All speciality compounds can be found in three ways:

·      Select compounds directly from the Home Page ‘compounds bar’.

·      Use the ‘Search Compounds’ tool to drill down and refine your search.

·      Select by market category, filtering results quickly as you go.

 Additional functionality is also grouped at the top of the Home Page:

·      A specialist TDS search tool quickly locates compound technical data sheets.

·      A dedicated ‘customer area’ lets you browse our entire product portfolio, mark your favourite products, keep track of all the products that you are interested in, and access more detailed information and samples.

Plant certifications, contact information, and Mexichem Speciality Component blogs are all easily accessed from the Home Page.

Improved Benefits

By accessing all of the critical information, technical specs and compound searching directly from the Home Page you can:

·      Access your individual ‘Client Area’ where all your products and TDS sheets are stored.

·      Search for speciality compounds in the way that suits you best, filtering or drilling down using carefully selected criteria.

·      Find speciality compounds by market segment and by specific end uses and applications.