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Champions of Toxic Use Reduction

In recognition of environmental and business leadership, the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) program named Gary Nedelman, AlphaGary's Engineering Manager, along with 10 more companies as TURA 25th Anniversary Leaders.

The award recognizes outstanding leaders who are making the Commonwealth a safer place to live and work.

companies that have reduced toxic chemical use created healthier work environments and saved money.

Gary Nedelman, Engineering Manager of AlphaGary in Leominster is a long-time Toxics Use Reduction Planner, who understands the big picture as well as the smaller details of the benefits of reducing toxic chemical use. More than a decade ago, he used that vision to raise awareness in his company and in industry sector of global chemical restrictions that were coming in the wire and cable industry. He gained the support of AlphaGary and led the way toward keeping Massachusetts businesses competitive, and safer, in a changing global environment. As a member of the TURA Advisory Committee, Gary has always shared his expertise and opinions. He sees both the business and toxics use reduction perspective and knows how to skillfully combine them to make the case for proactive change. His technical expertise in resins and plastics, his understanding of the industry, and his thoughtful approach have contributed to making Massachusetts a safer place to live and work.

Turi, Tosics Use Reduction Institute. June 17, 2015