News Update: Mexichem Specialty Compounds is now Alphagary. Stay tuned for more updates.

Certified in ISRS - Level 8

Plastic Compound supplier, AlphaGary UK certified in ISRS - Level 8

Early in 2013, Mexichem embarked on a safety initiative devised by DNV GL called the International Safety Rating System. 6th Ed.(ISRS). Based on the work by Frank Bird in the mid 60’s, DNV GL put together a programme called Practical Loss Control Management. The International Safety Rating System evolved from this programme.

The 6th Edition comprised of 20 elements subdivided into ten levels, with level 10 being the highest.

The project all began for the first twenty chosen plants with a four-day briefing for the plant manager and loss control coordinator from each plant back in April 2013. This training took place in Mexico City.

Various targets were set, with the main overriding objective being that all twenty plants will reach a level 7 within a set time frame (2 years).  Employees from these twenty sites, some considered specialists, attended training sessions on all 20 elements; 2 elements at a time covered over a four day period. (Two days each). On top of this, certain elements needed a further three days of training, i.e. accident investigation and contractor management to name but two. Again, this training was all done in Mexico City.

A four-day course, Modern Safety Management, was run concurrently in each country of the sites origin which required the attendance, off-site, of all managers in the business.

To achieve a Level 7 required a pass mark in 12 units (7 mandatory and 5 optional – Chosen by a Mexichem ISRS project team) This pass mark set a minimum mark of 30% in each of the twelve elements but an overall pass mark of 50% when combining the score for the 12 elements. This prevented a scenario of just ‘doing the minimum’. Furthermore, there was a ‘Physical conditions Tour’ (PCT) which required a tour by an external auditor, marking down each time something was found that did not conform to the ethos of the ISRS system. A pass mark at level 7 was 70%.

AlphaGary UK already had an established health and safety system, certified to OHSAS 18001. This made the implementation of this system very difficult for the site, as it meant integrating ISRS into our current system without losing focus on OHSAS18001.

AlphaGary UK aimed higher and requested to be certified on Level 8.  Level 8 required the following:

  • Passing 15 elements
  • A minimum of 40% in each element
  • An overall pass mark of 60%
  • Minimum 70% PCT

We had our pre-audit in November 2014, conducted by a DNV GL auditor. This could be described somewhat of a desktop exercise, with visits to certain areas to see some of the processes and procedures in action. At the conclusion of this pre-audit AlphaGary UK achieved the following scores:

  • Passed all 15 elements
  • Minimum score in any one element was 54.6%
  • Highest was 92.1%
  • Overall score of 76.6%
  • PCT was 94.1%

Although we could have rested on our laurels, the management team decided to push on before the full audit in March 2015. At this 4 ½ day audit again conducted by a DNV GL trained auditor, we achieved the following results:

  • A pass in all 15 elements
  • A minimum score of 63.3%
  • A maximum of 95.5%
  • Overall score of 86%
  • A PCT score of 94.7%

Because of the above, DNV GL has awarded AlphaGary UK certification to level 8 in ISRS. We are the first plant in the group to be awarded this level and have been informed that we are in the top 10 percentile of the 7,000 to 10,000 organisations that have an award level in ISRS.

Because of the scores achieved here, AlphaGary UK is hoping to achieve a level 9 within the next 12 months.