News Update: Mexichem Specialty Compounds is now Alphagary. Stay tuned for more updates.

AlphaGary is now Mexichem Specialty Compounds

We are proud to announce that we are changing our company name from AlphaGary to Mexichem Specialty Compounds.

AlphaGary is taking an exciting step as an enhancement of our global leadership in the custom-made thermoplastic compound technology, by changing our name to Mexichem Specialty Compounds. 

This is the natural progression for such a successful company as we continue to forge even stronger links with other parts of the Mexichem family.  It’s a progression that will continue to ensure growth, innovation and truly inspirational customer relationships, something which you and all our other customers will continue to benefit from.

With over 30 years of proud history at the forefront of custom-made thermoplastic compound technology, AlphaGary is undeniably a leader in its markets and continues to develop and deliver custom-made, value-adding solutions in partnership with you, our valued customer.

This is something that will continue under the new name of Mexichem Specialty Compounds.

Please adjust your records.

Previous and current purchase orders addressed to AlphaGary will be processed as usual until you have updated your records. As soon as your process allows, your purchase orders must be addressed to Mexichem Specialty Compounds. All other details will remain the same.

It’s clear to see the world-class expertise and dedication that our employees bring to the company; these are the values that have held the organization in such high regard across the world for a generation. 

These are also the values that have meant AlphaGary has been a perfect fit for the wider Mexichem family.

The values that have made AlphaGary successful are the same values that have made Mexichem one of the largest chemical and petrochemical companies in Latin America and one that is built upon a global footprint, employing over 18,000 people in more than 30 countries.  It is these values that provide the meaning behind the name change.

This year, 2016 will be another exciting year for both AlphaGary and Mexichem.  We look forward to taking this next step together with you.  Thank you.


Daniel J. DeLisle

General Manager

Mexichem Specialty Compounds