News Update: Mexichem Specialty Compounds is now Alphagary. Stay tuned for more updates.

Our 4 step process

What makes you different also makes Alphagary different. Your business, products and compound needs are as individual as DNA. That is why off-the-shelf compounds are not a solution – they are a compromise. At Mexichem Specialty Compounds we don’t compromise. Instead we work hard to understand your business and the challenges you face in sourcing the perfect compound. Then we work with you to develop a solution – no matter how exacting the demands. Read about our 4 step process below.

We Listen

First contact can be tentative – maybe a polite inquiry, a vague outline of a problem, but nothing in great detail. That is where the Alphagary difference comes into play. We are good listeners. It is our job to listen, get to know who the client is, what their business does and what specific compound problem is holding them back.

Once we have as much information as the customer can give, that’s when our hard work begins, researching their market and application. The more we know, the better the solution and the faster the turn round time.

Compound Selection

Performance, price, hazardous environments; customer demands can be exacting and highly specific. Selecting a compound that satisfies multiple requirements is only part of the problem. Our specialists then consider how the compound will perform in the part or application - environment, temperature and stress factors all need careful consideration before selecting the ideal product.

Production and testing

The only way to be certain that a compound is suitable, and will perform as expected, is through rigorous production and testing trials. Theoretical performance is one thing, but the real world of complex interactions is the only true test of how a compound will perform (in a client’s application) once molded or extruded.

Our compounds can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the application needs. It is important that the material selected not only performs optimally, but that it is cost-efficient and durable in use.

Development and Support

Following the performance tests, we sit down with the client for detailed assessment and result evaluation. We offer advice on how the compound could be modified, if necessary, and ensure that all the performance benchmarks have been met.

Client feedback, on how the compound performs in production, is vital in ensuring that we continue to improve our services for future clients. Alphagary have one aim: to produce customized compound solutions that are as individual as the clients who demand them.