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Medical Devices

AlphaGary's regulated product range starts with our well-established series of Gamma-stable PVC compounds for molding and extrusion applications, including DEHP-free and phthalate free versions. We have material appropriate to replace latex and silicone . We offer bovine-free alternatives. We also offer a range of vinyl / urethane alloys and styrenic-based TPE materials. And since we understand that your ideas are unique, we urge you to give us your application criteria and we will help you find the right material to fit your requirements.

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Evoprene styrenic-based TPE compounds offer an alternative to traditional vinyl compounds for various medical applications. Evoprene G compounds have been found to be a cost-effective replacement to thermoset silicone in molding and extrusion applications. The elasticity, compression set, and easy processability of this material along with its translucency make it a viable alternative in disposable device applications.

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Superkleen vinyl compounds are members of a technically advanced new generation of specialty materials formulated with a unique non-DEHP, non-phthalate plasticizer system. Superkleen is designed to perform and process like conventional molding and extrusion materials, providing similar physical properties and characteristics including resistance to radiation sterilization. Superkleen is odorless, tasteless, and biocompatible; features that make this family of compounds an ideal choice for the manufacture of infant products, medical devices, and other regulated applications. Superkleen compounds containing ATC-IV plasticizers have attained USP Class VI rating. AlphaGary's regulated compounds are manufactured in segregated areas within our US facilities with separate warehousing of raw materials and finished product.

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DEHP-Free Compounds: While scientific evidence continues to indicate that DEHP is safe for primates, debates over the use of DEHP goes on. For those manufacturers caught in the middle of this issue, AlphaGary has a solution. Proven in the field and designed to the exacting standards of your medical devices, AlphaGary's DEHP-Free compounds are formulated to achieve the same physical properties and high performance characteristics as our traditional vinyl-based materials. From the economical molding (3016 series) and extrusion (2228 series) grades to our 2235L series which is specifically formulated for gamma applications, you're sure to find a DEHP-free solution. Our 2233 series, for both molding and extrusion is DIDP plasticized, available with radiation stability or low taste and odor features. And our unique Superkleen series utilizes non-toxic, citrate-based plasticizers for ultra purity in molding and extrusion applications.

Our customers rely on us to stay up-to-date with the changing trends and myriad of regulatory requirements for medical devices to ensure future compliance:


Below are some examples of what AlphaGary has to offer. Allow us to assist you in finding the appropriate medical-grade compound to meet your specific needs. Please click 'Medical-Grade Compound Form' , fill in the required fields and send it to us for follow-up.

Name Durometer Durometer Range Gamma Non DEHP Non Phthalate Molded/Extruded
DURAL 202/3 CLEAR 0003 76D 76D No Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion
DURAL 205JB CLEAR 0003 75D 75D No Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion
DURAL 725C CLEAR 0003 75D 75D No Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion
SK/2223-80 CLEAR 0002 80A 60-110A No Yes Yes Extrusion
SK/2223C-70 CLEAR 0001 DB 70A 60-110A No Yes Yes Extrusion
SK/3003-85 CLEAR 0003 85A 45-95A No Yes Yes Molding
VYT/13E-55 CLEAR TL 0025 55A 50-85A No No No Extrusion
VYT/11X-50 RV1 CLEAR TL 0002 50A 50-90A No No No Molding
2222C-75 CLEAR 0003 75A 50-98A No No No Extrusion
2222NK-70 CLEAR 0217 70A 55-92A No No No Extrusion
2222R-90 CLEAR 000X 90A 60-95A Yes No No Extrusion
2222RX/1-74 CLEAR 0001 74A 40-95A Yes No No Extrusion
2228C/FS-65S WHITE 4001 65A 65A No Yes No Extrusion
2228GBF-75 CLEAR 000X 75A 50-95A Yes Yes No Extrusion
2232A/R-80S CLEAR 0217 80A 45-95A Yes Yes Yes Extrusion
2233AXLT-68 CLEAR 0198 68A 58-92A No Yes No Extrusion
2235L-75 CLEAR 030X 75A 55-95A Yes Yes Yes Extrusion
2235LM-95 CLEAR 000X 95A 65-95A Yes Yes Yes Molding
3006-90 CLEAR 0217 90A 50-98A No No No Molding
3006R-90 CLEAR 000X 90A 60-98A Yes No No Molding
3016GBF-70S CLEAR 000X 70A 50-95A Yes Yes No Molding
3019-40/45 CLEAR 0003 40/45A 40-75A No No No Molding
3032-95 CLEAR 0003 95A 70-95A No Yes Yes Molding
2212-100 CLEAR 0003 61D 100-110A No No No Molding/Extrusion
2212/S-110 CLEAR 0003 71D 100-110A No Yes No Molding/Extrusion
2212RSM-100 CLEAR 000X 61D 100-110A Yes No No Molding/Extrusion
2232RSM-100 CLEAR 000X 60D 100-110A Yes Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion
2235RSM-100 CLEAR 000X 61D 100-110A Yes Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion
2212/7-118 CLEAR 0003 79D 79D No Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion
2212C2B/H-118 CLEAR 0003 77D 77D No Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion
2212RHT/1-118 CLEAR 080X 77D 77D Yes Yes Yes Molding/Extrusion

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