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Footwear Compounds:

From high performance athletic footwear to work boots that protect you from harsh environments. From boat shoes that give comfort and style to snow boots designed for warmth. The footwear you are designing must withstand demanding environments. AlphaGary approaches the footwear industry with this in mind, creating specialty compounds that are also cost-effective.

Our compounds for unit soles, uppers, mid-soles, slippers and heels are designed to face challenging conditions such as extreme cold temperatures or oil and chemical resistance. Our custom formulations focus on essential properties such as durability and flexibility, and meeting requirements such as abrasion / slip resistance, surface finish, and special color matching. Our portfolio includes solid and expandable PVC and polyurethane, nitrile / PVC blends, TPE, and TPR compounds. Backed by hands-on customer service and processing assistance, we are committed to being your preferred supplier through the next generation.

Footwear compounds overview:
Garaflex: PVC / nitrile blends with premium oil resistance and cold temperature flexibility. Available with a wide range of nitrile content as well as vanilla fragrance.

Garaflex E: These TPE blend materials are recommended for soles that will see a lot of wear and abuse. With rubber-like dull look and feel, these compounds feature good low temperature flexibility, abrasion resistance, and outstanding tear resistance.

Garathane: PVC / urethane blends with good abrasion, oil resistance, and low temperature flexibility. Available with high flow properties, Garathane is suited to demanding industrial environments.

  • Industrial Boots
  • Deck Shoes
  • Casual Dress
  • Snow Boots
  • Slippers
  • Athletic Wear
Name Tensile Strength Brittle Point Elongation Break Durometer Specific Gravity Rossflex
GARAFLEX™ X 05-309 A1 none -50 none A 70/60 1.20 20,000
GARAFLEX™ X 95-759 B-1 none - none A 61/51 1.17 35,000
GARAFLEX™ X 97-234 D none - none A 65/55 1.21 20,000
GARAFLEX™ 131 T none - none A 58/46 1.14 48,000
GARATHANE™ X 05-309 A3 1500 -48 400 A 62/54 1.22 35,000
GARATHANE™ X 96-320 B 1360 -50 370 A 62/54 1.23 20,000
GARATHANE™ X 96-322 A 1400 - 400 A 70/60 1.20 30,000
GT 5080 A 1300 - 350 A 65/59 1.16 50,000+
GSX 05-309 A2 UV none -48 none A 59/49 1.22 35,000

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