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Our specialty compounds are designed for interior and exterior applications such as airbag covers, steering wheel covers, gear shift knobs and boots, handle grips, body side molding, window gaskets, and wire harness grommets, to name just a few.

In addition to the compounds below, Evoprene  offers a wide varity of compounds to fit your specific needs.

Flexible PVC

Interior Trim

Exterior Trim

Wire Harness

Applications such as:
Wire harnesses / tubing
Tubing for air cleaners
Window encapsulations
Body side molding
Jet ski bumpers
HVAC connectors
Tubing & belting
Wire & cable
PVC Elastomers Interior Trim Exterior Trim Steering wheels
Gear shift knobs
Gear shift boots
Console box lids
Window encapsulations
Wire harness grommets
Styrenic TPE

Precolored airbag material

Paintable airbag cover

Exterior trim Interior trim

Airbag covers
Floating horn
Button horn
Membrane horn
Gear shift boot
Body side molding
Grab handle
Olefinic TPE Exterior trim
Interior trim
Nylon-bonding TPO
Instrument panels
Airbag covers
air-dam (exterior

Name Tensile Strength Elongation Break Durometer Specific Gravity
AG 005 4B 1700 600 42D .90
AG NP 006R 1340 625 40D .90
2215/3X-55 Black 1000 1500 425 55A 1.20
7731 1500 460 97A 1.20
7732 1900 220 97A 1.35
7761 1180 400 65A 1.25
7762 3000 250 55D 1.28
AG K580A Q2 1500 340 67A 1.24
AG K580D N14A 1100 375 60A 1.24
GEX 03-033 F Natural 1850 380 63A 1.24
GEX 03-040 F 1900 300 82A 1.38

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