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SuperKleen is a flexible and semi-rigid PVC based compound designed for both injection molding and extrusion. SuperKleen compounds are formulated with phthalate free plasticizers in a wide range of durometers. These compounds are ideally suited for the manufacture of infant products, food and beverage applications and medical devices where the presence of phthalates is undesireable.

Name Durometer Durometer Range Gamma Non DEHP Non Phthalate Molded/Extruded
SK/2223-80 CLEAR 0002 80A 60-110A No Yes Yes Extrusion
SK/2223C-70 CLEAR 0001 DB 70A 60-110A No Yes Yes Extrusion
SK/3003-85 CLEAR 0003 85A 45-95A No Yes Yes Molding

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