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AlphaGary Provides DEHP/Phthalate Alternatives

December 1, 2010

Plasticizers are softening agents used to produce flexible PVC compounds. Certain ones, in particular DEHP and other phthalates, are the subject of much debate about their effects on the environment and biological systems, especially humans. The metabolic pathways for phthalates in humans are somewhat unclear and have led to concerns by environmental and healthcare activists about possible teratogenicity and other long-term health effects.

 Suppliers can choose to become part of the debate or they can be proactive and offer compounds based on alternative plasticizers for the medical disposables and other markets. AlphaGary offers a wide range of medical-grade PVC compounds with various plasticizers (DEHP, non-DEHP, phthalates, non-phthalates, etc.).

Recently, customers have become increasingly interested in our non-DEHP (2228GBF, 3016GBF, etc.) compounds and non-phthalate (2232A/R, 3032A/R, 2235L, Superkleen SK/2223 and SK/3003, etc.) compounds. These products are designed to meet various customer requirements such as lower cost, migration resistance (contact with ABS and PC, etc.) and lipid or blood extraction resistance, to name a few.

PVC offers many advantages and benefits to medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers. As a custom thermoplastic compounder, AlphaGary stays abreast of the various market requirements and continuously develops new or refined compounds to meet these increasingly stringent market and regulatory demands. For instance, AlphaGary offers halogen-free products (i.e. non-PVC) under its EVOPRENE® series. Among their many attributes, these compounds do not contain any of the softening agents involved in the current debate over plasticizer safety.

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